Our residential services can be the basic mow, edge & trim or we can discuss about any additional services you are thinking about.  We offer biweekly service in the spring and move to weekly mowings during the heavy growth season of the summer.
We can also take your decorative containers and repot them with fresh colorful selections to show off your front porch or deck.

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Whether you need a weekly or bi-weekly service, we’ll design a maintenance plan tailored to your budget, while keeping your landscape looking its best. Our maintenance services include mowing, edge trimming, debris clean up and bed weeding.


SPRING & FALL CLEANUP & Rototilling Gardens

Landscaped areas are especially messy in the spring and fall. We remove any leaves, branches and other debris from these areas, edge the beds and trim back perrenial plants to provide a clean, neat appearance to your landscape while preparing it for the growing and dormant seasons.  We can also prepare your garden area for planting by rototilling the ground.



Proper mulching prevents weed growth, maintains moisture levels and promotes better soil conditions to provide optimum growing conditions for your trees and shrubs. Our team uses the most cost-effective materials available to meet all of your mulching needs.


Our commercial services vary depending on your needs.  We do offer very competitive pricing for annual comittments.


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