• When do you mow?
    Our crews begin mowing 7:30am and finish by dark.
  • When does our contract end?
    There is no signed contract. Your service will continue from season to season unless, you inform us you would like to cancel your service. We do not have contracts but do however have a 4 cut minimum. Cancellations before the 4th cut are subject to a $30 cancellations fee.
  • How many mows are there in the season?
    We begin mowing the second week in March 3/9 and continue until the second week of November 11/13 or until your lawn goes dormate or quites growing. Weekly customers will have about 32 mows and biweekly about 16, depending on when we start servicing your lawn.
  • What about skips and schedule changes?
    We try to accommodate any scheduling changes you desire. If for any reason, you need to re-schedule, cancel, or skip a service, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance by telephone (405-412-2090) or email us at hank.tami@onesourcelawncare.com. Keep in mind only weekly customers get skips (2) during the season, biweekly customers do not have any skips. If you have requested a skip service, your service will continue the next week as usual. Our crews will not decide whether your yard needs to be cut. You will need to call us or email us to cancel or skip a scheduled mowing. If you fail to notify us of the change or skip by 12PM the business day before the scheduled service, your lawn will be serviced and you will be charged accordingly.
  • What type of equipment is used on my lawn?
    Depending on the size of the yard whether we use a push mower or a riding mower.  We use steel blade edgers for the walkways, driveway, and line weed eaters for areas the mower cannot get. Then to finish it off, we use a blower to clean off the hard services.
  • What height is my lawn cut at?
    We cut all lawns at 2.5″ – 3″ depending on when we started your service. During summer months we may raise our heights at our discretion, unless you make a request.
  • What if I have a lock on my gate?
    If you have a gated area, we ask you to either leave the gate unlocked, or provide us with the combination. If this does not work for you, then let us put our combination lock on it for you. If we arrive and cannot access a gated area, we will cut what we can and you will be charged the full price. If you call and want us to come back, there will be an additional charge.
  • What if I have a dog or pet?
    Please make sure you let us know ahead of time, so the crew will keep a eye out when opening the gate or have your dog put up on your service day. The crew does their best to close the gate, but accidents do happen, so we are not responsible for lost animals. If the animal gets lose while we are there, the crew will contact the office, so you can be made aware of the issue.
  • What about service issues or complaints?
    Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction! If our work is not satisfactory, or you think we did not service your yard, we do not give credit, however, we will resend the crew to fix the area in question without additional charge. The issue will be fixed either on the same day (time permitting) or next business day. Your notification of unsatisfactory service must be received within 24 hrs of the service. If you do not notify us within 24 hours of the service, we will consider the work satisfactory.
  • What about property damage?
    Please contact us immediately if there is any property that is damaged by our crew. The most common damage is sprinkler head, drain cap, or valve cover. Upon your notification, we will repair the damage in a timely manner. We will not honor any request for repair expenses for damaged property that we were not made aware of, or allowed to repair in a timely manner. If we are unable to repair the damage professionally, we will make arrangements to hire someone who is qualified to make the repair. To report any damage please contact us by phone (405-412-2090) or email hank.tami@onesourcelawncare.com.
  • What about leaves?
    We do not rake leaves during your regular mowing service. If your lawn is covered with leaves we will mow, mulch, disperse it the best we can with the mower during the regular mowing. We do offer leaf removal services; just call or email for more information.
  • Do you bag grass clippings?
    Our service includes bagging the grass clippings.
  • Can you change your service from biweekly to weekly?
    We do allow you to switch from biweekly to weekly, but we do not recommend switching from weekly to biweekly during the growing season. Bi weekly services are offered. However, we do not recommend this service during the growing season. Many conditions will affect your lawns growth such as watering, fertilization schedules, etc. Industry accepted mowing standards, which we try to adhere to, recommend only cutting ¾ to 1 inch off the top each mowing. Bi-weekly service inherently causes problems such as clumps of grass or grass appearing to be cut unevenly. We will be not be able to send crews back to correct these issues or guarantee these services as we do on our weekly services.
  • How do I cancel my service?
    To cancel your service completely, simply call or email us by 12:00 PM the business day before your next service or you will be serviced and charged accordingly. If you have not fulfilled your 4 cut minimum commitment, you will be charged $30 cancellation fee